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It's Wedding Season: Get Prepared with Our Top 10 bridal Shower Gift Ideas!

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When wedding season rolls around it is time to do some important shopping. Everyone wants to find the perfect bridal shower gift, and sometimes it's difficult to decide what the future newlyweds will need when they start their lives together. Of course, following the couples bridal registry is always a smart, choice, but there are times when most of the items are already purchased and the things leftover don't possess that "wow" factor one likes to have when purchasing a gift. Feeling a bit nervous about bridal shower shopping? Look no further! We've complied a list of some excellent choices for bridal shower gifts both timeless and trendy for your consideration!

1. Copper Cookware

Copper cookware is all the rage and starting the new couple out with some beautiful looking, high-quality cooking supplies is a fantastic idea. When one is testing out new recipes it's inevitable that there will come a time when they realize they don't have a Dutch oven, or a decent sized spaghetti pot. For those who enjoy cooking, or attempting to learn how to cook you can't go wrong with a cookware set that stylish enough to leave out for dinner guests to take notice!

2. Sheets

It may seem like a boring idea, but a brand new, high thread count sheet set is something every new couple will adore. There is nothing like getting comfortable in a new set of soft, elegant sheets to feel relaxed and possibly in the mood for more excitement after dark!

3. Unique Vases

There are bound to be flowers in this bride's future so why not shop around and find something truly unique and eye-catching? With so many variations and materials to choose from one can find the perfect piece she will cherish always. Try a crystal vase to catch the light streaming through the window, or an inscribed porcelain with just the right words meant for the future Mr. and Mrs.!

4. Fifty Shades of Chicken: A Parody in a Cookbook

Yes, there is a book called Fifty Shades of Chicken, and it's the perfect gift for a new couple. The fifty chicken recipes are written in the most tantalizing of prose, bound to deliver some delicious meals, and some serious laughter in the kitchen!

5. Photo Album

It may seem like an old idea, but it is nevertheless something every bride needs. In a world filled with unprinted, digital imaging, it's important to remind people how important, and special it is to have hard copies of the most incredible experiences. Whether it's an album used for documenting the wedding, honeymoon, or future shenanigans, a large, sturdy photo album is a must have.

6. A Simply Elegant Picture Frame

In keeping with the idea that printed photos are wonderful keepsakes, finding some large, classy picture frames are another top gift idea for brides. One thing to keep in mind is that there is a such thing as having too many frames sporting phrases like, "Newlyweds" or "Here comes the Bride". Keeping the frame choices simple will give the new couple more options for decorating. Whether they want to hang photos of family, vacations images, or wedding photos, providing a versatile frame will turn their memories into proudly displayed art.

7. His and Her Spa Treatments

Preparing a wedding can be a grueling process. Brides and grooms both become exhausted and stressed during the times surrounding their big day. Why not make them both feel relaxed with a gift certificate for a spa treatment? It's something they can use before or after the wedding craziness so they can choose to indulge in some serious distress time, or continue some delightful pampering post honeymoon!

8. Wine Rack (maybe with some wine!)

Most couples keep a bottle (or more) of wine in the house. Whether it's for after a long day at work, or an evening entertaining guests, providing a starter wine rack will come in handy, and look stylish.

9. Personalized Ring Dish

Make the bride-to-be smile with a set of personalized ring dishes for her new jewels. They come in a wide variety of colors and designs, and are a perfect reminder to not allow cooking, cleaning, or gardening to dull her jewelry's natural sparkle!

10. Ice Cream Maker

Almost everyone loves ice cream, and for years ice cream makers are a favorite for the bridal registry. There is something special about trying new flavors and experimenting with ideas that make homemade ice cream even more fun than the creamery. Finding a compact, high-end ice cream machine will ensure many nights of delicious dessert making!

Ashley Yamamoto
Ashley Yamamoto


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