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Lash Adhesive: Which One Is Right For You?

Ashley Yamamoto

Posted on August 08 2018

which false eyelash adhesive is right for you? lotus lashes


You've got the perfect pair of lashes to put on, and you want them to stay on. You remember the times your lashes have come off and you felt embarrassed, and are almost afraid to wear falsies again. Or maybe it's your first time wearing falsies and you're feeling anxious about keeping your look together. Well, no longer!

To find the right lash adhesive, you need to buy what fits your falsies. There are 3 kinds:

Strip lash adhesive

This is the most popular glue and is easily found. It can last up to 24 hours at most, so it's great for dates, parties and changing up your everyday look. When you're done, simply pull off the strip - no lash remover needed! One caveat: they commonly contain latex, so get a latex-free glue if you're allergic. 

Individual lash adhesive

This is great for both single strand and flared cluster lashes. It also allows you to create your own fun, sexy look by combining individual with strip lashes. Plus, it's much stronger than strip lash adhesive - it lasts up to a week, so you'll have peepers for days! To remove, you can wait for them to drop off by themselves or get a lash remover. Make sure the remover matches the brand of glue you're using for best results.

Surgical lash adhesive

If you prefer a professional apply your lashes, this is what they will use. This amazingly strong glue requires training to properly apply, set and remove. It cannot take oil-based mascara (which would dissolve the lashes) or lash remover (which would damage them). After application, you'd wait 24-48 hours to bath to make sure the lashes stick. And the wait is worth it - they'll look seamless and natural.

Last but not least, lash adhesive can come in different colors.  They usually come in clear and black, and sometimes light and dark colors to match skin tone. Here at Lotus Lashes, our Brush-On Lash Glue comes in clear. 

Once you've decided which lash adhesive is right for you, you'll be ready for flawless falsies! 

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