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Lotus Lashes: The Perfect Fit for Every Occasion

Ashley Yamamoto

Posted on March 07 2019

Lotus Lashes: The Perfect Fit for Every Occasion

False eyelashes are both a beauty miracle and terror for women everywhere. If done right, they can make your eyes look bigger and your lashes more dramatic. Done wrong, they can peel and look tacky, ruining the glam look they are said to attain. For this reason many women opt to forgo the falsies and stick to mascara: safe and pretty, but definitely not as flirty or fun!

The horror stories surrounding false eyelashes tend to drown out their purpose: to make you feel beautiful. At Lotus Lashes, we don't just settle for one size fits all. We are dedicated to making sure you find the right fit with the best quality mink eyelashes that will make your heart (and budget) sing!

Our Lotus Lashes sells a variety of affordable and beautiful mink lashes. Their products are versatile and give the wearer confidence in every situation, whether they are at work, out dancing, or on a romantic date. Designed by women, for women, our company knows what you need for your everyday beauty routine!

Light Volume Mink Lashes

These styles of falsies scream one word: natural. It is perfect for everyday wear at the office, the mall or at meetings. These lashes give your eyes the pop they deserve while still looking perfectly natural and subtle. These lashes blend with all types of natural lashes, giving you a fresh, fierce and comfortable feel.

Here at Lotus Lashes, we believe every woman should feel comfortable with what she's got, and these falsies are sure to show that off! We currently sell eight types of Light Volume Lashes, ranging in different, highly natural, darkness, fluffiness and density. 

Medium Volume Mink Lashes

If you want your lashes to make a bit more of a statement while still retaining that effortlessly glam look, check out our Medium Volume falsies. These are our most versatile lashes yet, and with twenty four fabulous styles to choose from, they are a good fit for everyone.

Medium Volume Lashes are suitable for both day and evening wear, but give your eyes a slightly more dramatic look than their Light Volume sisters. Pop them on for that meeting you want to ace or that fun date you have been looking forward and let your confidence show! The various textures and lengths of these lashes are sure to turn them into your new beauty must-have!

High Volume Mink Lashes

Hitting the club with your girls or going to spend a sexy night out (or in) with your man? Get your evening started with a pair of our High Volume Lashes. These are our most dramatic lashes that really make a statement and turn your lash game from pretty to downright gorgeous.

Our High Volume series is comprised of ten styles of darker and denser lashes that can complete that smokey eye or show off that intense poker face you have been perfecting for weeks. 

Lotus Lash Series

Luxury Mink Lashes

Our highest quality lashes yet, the falsies in this series definitely don't seem false. They are handmade from cruelty free mink, and with twenty styles to choose from, they are perfect for your every eyelash need.

3D Ultra Fluffy Lashes

 Is our High Volume series still not enough of a wow for your special occasion? Why not try some of our insanely fluffy 3D Lashes. Coming in nine different styles, these falsies are the utmost blend of dramatic, intense and sexy high quality mink lashes on the market today. They are sure to draw the eyes of the whole room to you, so show your stuff girl! You deserve it.

Crystal Collection Lashes

This collection of Ultra Fluffy lashes is insanely comfortable, soft and flexible. They range from Light to High Volumes, all bouncy and dramatic. These lashes have tons of character and put a boost in your everyday routine without altering the overall feel of the look. The Crystal Collection is made up of ten lashes and one lash kit! With so many to choose from, it's definitely hard to just pick one.

FX Collection Lashes 

Not sure about using genuine mink fiber? Even though it is cruelty free guaranteed, you can always choose any of our seven types and styles of FX lashes. They are made out of luxury faux fibers! They feel and look exactly the same as real mink lashes and come in many of the same styles. Here at Lotus Lashes, we want everyone to love the product they are wearing. Our FX collection, while not real mink, doesn't stray from that principle in any way!

False lashes can be scary! With Lotus Lashes they are amazing. Our customers love our comfortable, safe and lightweight lashes and we are sure you will too! Try us out, because we promise only the best!

Photo High Volume No. 301

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