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Makeup Trends of 2017: Sultry Eyes, Shining Skin, and Bold Brows Galore

makeup trends of 2017 lotus lashes

From contour to false lashes to smoky eyeshadow looks, 2017 has been a revolutionary year in the cosmetic industry. Here are just a few of the trends that will keep you looking freshly seductive no matter where you go.

 1. Highlight

Highlights have been the staple for this year. With the help of highlight your skin always looks youthful and glowing in all seasons and stages! Whether your highlight has fiery orange, silky white, or golden yellow undertones, your whole look will be completed with this heaven-sent product. Apply it evenly to the bridge and tip of your nose, cheekbones, cupids bow, and forehead for the full glow effect.

 2. False Lashes

From big and bold to long and feathery, false lashes are the staple for all women's makeup this year. False lashes erase the hassle of  trying to brush out clumpy, uneven mascara. Whether they are paired with popping eyeshadow colors, or just standing on their own, falsies make your eyes temptingly irresistible.

 3. Sunset Glossy Eyes

Bring the beauty of the sunset to a whole new level with this hot and sweet look. Douse your lids with subtle reds, spicy oranges, and exotic yellows that give you seductive/sassy eyes, while also keeping you looking young and trendy. Complete your whole eye-ensemble with a gloss. Though it may sound strange, the glossy lid adds a youthful glow that completes the whole look, so don't be afraid to get your glow on!

 4. Bold, Dark Brows

Go big or go home! This year's brow trend will knock you off your feet. Whether you have blonde or black hair, dark bold brows are the must haves of 2017. Whether you are walking down the street, or watching celebs walk down the red carpet, women these days are showcasing the brows loud and proud. So next time you do your makeup, don't be afraid of your brows, go with their natural shape and embrace them!

Ashley Yamamoto
Ashley Yamamoto


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