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Our top five picks for bridal lashes for a natural, yet glamorous look!

Ashley Yamamoto

Posted on June 07 2017

 top picks for bridal mink lashes lotus lashes

Every woman wants to look her most gorgeous on her wedding day. It's the day when all eyes are on her, and she gets to be the center of attention. With all the shining decor, gowns and hairstyles, it's important nothing outshines the bride's excited, smiling face! The most popular look for bridal makeup is a flawless, fresh-faced look that enhances the bride's natural beauty. Below are our top styles for the perfect bridal lashes that will deliver a bit of glamour while maintaining the natural loveliness of those stunning peepers!

1. Style Number 504-

This medium volume lash is perfect for bringing out the eyes, while not going overboard. These wispy lashes made of natural mink are lightweight, and are longer in the center and outer ends which give an eye-opening appearance!

2. Style number 114-

These light volume mink lashes are perfect for maintaining the natural appearance of the eye, while adding a touch of length in the middle and outer edges. The fluffy texture gives a bit of a 3D effect while not appearing too showy.

3. Style number 121-

For the bride seeking a bit of extra flair, try these medium volume lashes comprised of the perfect blend of thick and thin strips. Their curl and 3D effect give a sexy look for the bride who really wants to dazzle her groom!

4. Style number 105-

The ultimate in volume and texture, these lashes are made with a special crisscross pattern that add fullness and allure to one’s natural lash which gives a unique charm to any blushing brides sparkling eyes.

5. Style number 415-

If one is simply looking for a light, subtle enhancement for their eyes, these lightweight lashes are the perfect choice. These lovely lashes come with an invisible band for a no-liner look. As many lashes use dark bands, giving the appearance of wearing dark eyeliner, this feature allows the bride to keep her look as natural as desired. Thin, light and airy with just a touch of length to enrich the natural lash, these delicate lashes will make any bride feel lovely on her special day.

With eyes being one of the first features notices, enhancing them to look their most magnetic is the perfect way of creating that flawless look for what will be one of the most memorable days in a woman’s life. Our handmade lashes are reusable for up to twenty five times, so you can save them to wear on future occasions. The wedding day is the one day every woman deserves to feel like a movie star!

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