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Pretty in Pastel: How to Achieve Pastel Colored Hair

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These days, you don't need to wait for a storm to see a rainbow! Wild and unique hair colors become more common each day and pastel colors are no exception. However, these delicate hair colors fade fast and can prove difficult to achieve if not approached correctly. Do not fear: We want to guide you through this candy-coated wonderland to fabulous pastel hair!

Pull Up a (Salon) Chair

Pastel Hair requires that your hair is lightened as far as possible to Let your pastels show clearly and that you strip out any warmth (yellow and orange tones). Leaving any warmth may alter your desired color. A professional stylist possesses all the tools and chemicals needed to achieve this light and toned hair, but such services often cost a lot. For those daring enough to go it alone, take your lifting process slowly and check your hair often. Trying to go too light to quickly can cause severe breakage (and possibly lead to a chemical haircut)!

Make Your Favorite Cocktail

Once you or spy our stylist apply pastel color to your lightened hair, you will need to take care of your new unicorn locks. A sulfate-free shampoo will lather less and wash away less color than traditional shampoos. Find a conditioner with antioxidants like  berry extract (like açai or blueberry) to prevent the fast fading of these delicate colors. Don't forget a strengthening leave-in conditioner to help restore the health of your hair from before the lightening process.

Make Mine "On the Rocks"

This next part may not be so fun, but it will help lock in your pastel colors. As much as possible, shower in cold water to help keep the hair cuticle closed and your beautiful haircolor locked inside. While this seems unpleasant at first, many people find the cold showers to be invigorating and to have additional great benefits for their skin, as well!

Those are three slid keys to Pastel Perfection. Rock on, you crazy Unicorn! 

Ashley Yamamoto
Ashley Yamamoto


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