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Simple Tips for Fighting Acne

Ashley Yamamoto

Posted on October 10 2018

simple tips for fighting acne lotus lashes

Unless you've been blessed by the gods or some magical witch (and I'm convinced that some of us have been), then you've probably gone through the terror that is acne. Whether you're thirteen or going on forty, it's likely that you still get acne either some of the time or pretty much all of the time (again, unless you got that witch to help you). We're here today to help you out with some tips for keeping those pimples at bay!

Wash Your Face

We're not saying you're dirty, but the face tends to get oily, and all sorts of things like dirt and makeup get into your pores throughout the day, so washing your face with warm water and a gentle face soap on a daily and nightly basis can be helpful.

Clean Makeup Tools

If you wear makeup, then you may have heard that you should clean beauty blenders and brushes. This is because the makeup and skin oils get stuck on the utensils and make them prime real estate for bacteria. When you go to use these utensils again, you're not just getting old makeup into your pores, which is bad enough for your skin as it is. So, wash your makeup brushes with warm water and soap about once a week to save yourself some trouble.

Face Scrubs

We all have considered using face scrubs to help rid us of our acne, but be sure that you're getting one that actually works for your face. Just because it does wonders on everyone else, that doesn't necessarily mean it'll be any good to you. Figure out what type of skin you have; dry, oily, sensitive, etc. Then keep in mind what you're looking for; a face scrub solely meant to hydrate won't do much for clearing out your pores. With these details, you can find a scrub that could actually be helpful to you.

 These are just the basics, but we hope that you found these simple tips helpful!

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