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Six Things About Eye Makeup You Should Know

Ashley Yamamoto

Posted on November 16 2019

6 things about eye makeup you should know about

Your eyes. Shakespeare called them "the window to the soul". They're the first thing we see when we look in the mirror, and a pair of big, beautiful eyes will get anyone's attention. We all know the right makeup can accentuate your eyes- what you might not know is that the wrong makeup can make you look older, tired or just plain "blah!". Whether you're making a decision on lining your lower lash line, recreating the newest Instagram trend, or if you really do need that $60 eyeshadow quad, there are six basic eye makeup facts you should know. 

  • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.
    • This cannot be stressed enough. The skin around your eyes is thinner and more delicate than the rest of your body, so special care should be taken when selecting a moisturizing cream, lotion or serum.
    • Without moisturizing, that petal-like skin will get dry and crepey; this will cause your product to settle into fine lines, which will age you. 
  • Shape up!
    • Pay attention to the shape of your eyes before determining your signature eyeliner look. Hooded eyes can look dragged down with a thick, dark line across the whole lid. Small eyes look even smaller when liner is applied to the lower lash line. If your eyes are wide-set, the beautiful Cleopatra wing your BFF pulls off will make your eyes look even wider apart. Round eyes look lovely with a elongated wing. If your eyes are almond shaped, or you have a monolid, congratulations- you can pull off just about any eyeliner look!
  • Prime Time, Baby!:
    • We've all been there: you've got your shadow perfectly blended and your halo eye looks heaven sent. Two hours into your day, and your once-perfect look has gone bad like last week's Chinese takeout. Using eyeshadow primer will help prevent the disappointment that can only come with spending 6+ hours pretending that you meant to look like Beetlejuice.
    • Eyeshadow primer comes in many different forms. Experiment with products you already own, like concealer, cream eyeshadow, or foundation. However, while these products can smooth out the eyelid and even out skin tone, they can cause creasing in humid conditions or on oily eyelids. There are a myriad of eyeshadow primers and bases on the market, ranging from $4 to over $30. Find one that is suitable for your skin tone and type, and enjoy that angelic eye look all day. 
  • Sugar Daddy Not Required:
    • You don't need to stick to only high-end eye makeup to have a consistently flawless look. Drugstore brands are stepping up their game big time, causing couture brands to shake in their cute, vegan leather boots. Budget-friendly brands such as NYX and Morphe- even Ulta and Sephora store brands- will give you the Madison Avenue look for a Main Street price. 
  • Lash Out!:
    • Don't neglect your lashes! A beautiful set of falsies will add just the right glam to go from "blah" to "BAM!". Play around with different lash sets, eyelash adhesives, and techniques to get the look that's right for you. Whether you're going for "sexy librarian" or "extra 'extra'", there is a set of eyelashes out there for you! 
  • Today's Eyeliner Should Not Be Tomorrow's Smokey Eye
    • Scenario: You've come home from the club, tired and thankful the Uber driver knew the way home, and went right to bed. The next morning, you wake up and you look like a toddler drew on your face with some charcoal and glitter. This can be avoided by taking a few minutes and washing your face before bed. When you're tired or feeling lazy (no judgment!), it might be tempting to skip- DON'T. Not only will you spend twice as long the next morning removing the gunk from your otherwise beautiful face and scrubbing liquid eyeliner smears out of your 1200-thread count pillowcases, you are putting yourself at risk for eye infections. For those nights when getting out of bed just isn't happening, keep a packet of makeup remover wipes on your bedside table. A few quick swipes in time saves 9 minutes of aggravation in the morning. 

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