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All-Natural Approach to Anti-Aging

All-Natural is what we strive for more and more. With all the free radicals in our environment wreaking havoc on our skin why would we want to use chemicals on our faces?

There are ways to fight the aging process naturally and you probably have most things in your kitchen.

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Choosing the Best Contouring Kit

Contouring has become a way of life for many celebrities and makeup artists the world over. You've seen this style on everyone from your favorite Instagram bloggers to the Kardashians - now it's time for you to try! 

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Top 5 Winter 2015 Beauty Trends

As we kiss Summer goodbye and say hello to Winter, a change in our beauty arsenal happens as well. We pack up our bronzer and peach lip gloss and haul out our icy eye liners and cool berry lipsticks. Here are our favorite 2015 Winter beauty trends to get you inspired for the season!

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Glamourous Beauty: Conceal, Highlight, and Go!

Tons of beauty blogs are devoted to lipstick, eyeshadow, and mascara, but so few of us think about the secret workhouses of our beauty routines: highlighters and concealers. These are simple secrets that your independent beauty experts at Lotus Lashes are eager to help you make the most of this vital makeup tool!

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