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The Five Best Full-Coverage Foundations

Women have come a long way in the past 30 years, and so has full-coverage foundation. Thank goodness the days of caked-on, acne-building, shiny-faced days your mom had to endure are gone!

Today, the best foundation formulas are made to be breathable, non-clogging, and skin-enriching for a fresh, natural look all day.

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The Best Foundations for Healthy, Dewy Skin

There's nothing better than having a flawless, radiant complexion. However, there are so many different foundation options out there, it can be kind of intimidating! Everyone has different wants and price ranges too. Thankfully, you ended up here! Here's a list that encompasses the best dewy foundations for a multitude of situations.

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10 of the best foundations on the market and why you need them

Shopping for a good foundation doesn't have to be a mystery. In fact, just off the top of our head, we can come up with 10 of the best foundations on the market and why you need them. 

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How to Find the Right Foundation

There's a reason it's called foundation. Whether we get it in liquid or powder form, foundation provides the first layer of makeup that we build the rest of our look on. It may be the only unifying factor between the makeup we wear to our 9-5 office jobs as well as our fun and flirty dates and late night bar hang outs. Finding the right foundation is critical to getting your look right -- especially since having the wrong foundation can look bad in so many ways.

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Get the No Makeup Makeup Look with 5 Easy Products

Makeup application has become a complicated and expensive procedure, when in reality, most of us just want to find a natural look for everyday wear. It needs to be simple. It needs to save time and money. Most importantly, it needs to look natural. Here's how to get the no makeup makeup look without feeling overwhelmed or breaking the bank.

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