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Lash Adhesive: Which One Is Right For You?

You've got the perfect pair of lashes to put on, and you want them to stay on. You remember the times your lashes have come off and you felt embarrassed, and are almost afraid to wear falsies again. Or maybe it's your first time wearing falsies and you're feeling anxious about keeping your look together. Well, no longer!

To find the right lash adhesive, you need to buy what fits your falsies. There are 3 kinds: 

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Lash Adhesive: 6 Do's of Lash Application

Do wait for the glue to dry

Rushing to apply your lashes right after you have applied the adhesive will cause them to shift. Wait at least 30 seconds or until the glue becomes tacky, but not to where it loses adhesion. 

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3 Reasons to Infiltrate and Luxuriate with Lotus Mink Fur Lashes

Nothing brings out the genuine color of one's eyes quite like faux eyelashes. The texture of faux eyelashes that surrounds the eyes simply brings out luscious specs of color based around the pupils; praising and encouraging the inner individual beauty of the eye. Here are 3 fabulous reasons to consider making them apart of your daily, or nightlife regimen:

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How to Apply Lashes Like a Pro Showgirl

We have assembled some advice from professional dancers/showgirls, including tricks of the trade that will take the anxiety out of what can be a frustrating experience for the new user. The following tips will take you from amateur to lash pro in no time (and we promise it gets easier with practice too!) 

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How to and Tips for False Lashes

So, you think you want to try out false eyelashes. You've tried all the mascara tips you can find to make your lashes look fuller and longer. Nothing is giving you the volume you really want.

Here's a few tips on false eyelashes for beginners.

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