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Four Mascaras We Love!

Every woman wants long, lush eyelashes, and a good mascara is key, just ask any makeup artist worth his or her salt! A good mascara goes on smoothly -- without clumps, darkens lashes for definition, doesn't smear or smudge, and has staying power. The mascaras that follow meet all the criteria and then some and are not only our favs, but loved by makeup artists to the A-listers in Hollywood and New York, too ... 

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Perfect Lotus Mink Lashes for Your Eye Shape

Long, full lashes are the best way to take your eye-makeup look from good to gorgeous, but to really achieve that fabulous and flawless celebrity look, you need to know a couple of important tips. First, identify the shape of your eyes and eyelids. Pull your hair back, with a fresh face, and look in the mirror to visualize, and see the shape of your eyes and lids more clearly. Once you've decided whether you have round, almond, deep-set, hooded, wide-set, down-turned, up-turned, or mono-lid eyes you can pick your perfect lash

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How to Apply Your Mink Lashes & Make Them Last!

Mink lashes are definitely the best way to take any look to the next level, and once you've picked out your perfect pair, you need to know how to wear them, and care for them! Beauty blogger Jaclyn Hill believes, "If you take care of your minks, they'll out last their recommended 25 uses, and go for at least 30 to 35 uses."

How to apply, and how to care for your mink lashes:

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