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Matte Is For You Too! Here's How to Do It.

Ashley Yamamoto

Posted on March 27 2019

Matte Is For You Too! Here's How to Do It.
Matte is bold! Matte is daring! Matte is everything we want to be when we grow up!

The Current Trend Blender: 4 Reasons Your Makeup is a Hot Mess.. and How to Fix it ASAP

Ashley Yamamoto

Posted on September 09 2016

Strobing, contouring and ombre lips… oh, my! Why did it look so great on your celebrity Instagram feed… only to leave you looking like you just stepped off the plane with Cirque de Soleil? Today, we sat down with some makeup experts and industry insiders to find out why so many of us are getting new trends all wrong… and how we can get them right ASAP… 

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