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Holiday Beauty Tips For A Gorgeous, Glamorous You!

It's that time of the year again, time for some holiday cheer! All that running around, shopping for gifts, baking cookies and going to holiday parties takes its toll on you, doesn't it? But, if you're a smart little elf, you'll follow these simple holiday beauty tips and you'll be sparkly and beautiful all season long!

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Discover why our customers love Lotus Lashes! Our beautiful and long-lasting mink lashes cannot be duplicated by synthetics. Use code BLINK at checkout and Lotus will send you one FREE pair of our luxe lashes! (promo expired)

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The Importance of Bridal Makeup & Bridal Eye Lashes

Having beautiful, expertly applied makeup will only accentuate what is sure to be the happiest day of any woman's life! Weddings are beautiful, glamorous, happy occasions full of laughing, crying, and kissing. It is a day that will be documented, replayed, and reminisced. Having great makeup can not only make you look great it can also make you feel great. With great makeup, a beautiful dress, gorgeous decorations, and your best friends by your side this is sure to be a day that you will never forget.

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With Love from LOTUS

Wow, it's amazing to imagine but the day has finally arrived... our first-ever chic boutique for 100% natural and cruelty free mink lashes is now open for business! As a beauty and fashion lover, I embarked on creating and sharing my love for beautiful lashes as far back as 2008; now our popular collection of long wearing styles are available online - it's truly magical how everything has come together and I'm so happy to be sharing it all with you.


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