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How to Find Just the Right Shade of Blush for Your Skin Tone

Ashley Souza

Posted on May 02 2015

Many women are always struggling with how to find the right blush for their skin tone, and in all honesty, it's probably the hardest part of doing one's makeup. Next hardest would probably be matching your skin tone to a foundation that suits you without being too dark or too light. It's really the same for blush shades as well.

Perfect Lotus Mink Lashes for Your Eye Shape

Ashley Souza

Posted on April 08 2015

Long, full lashes are the best way to take your eye-makeup look from good to gorgeous, but to really achieve that fabulous and flawless celebrity look, you need to know a couple of important tips. First, identify the shape of your eyes and eyelids. Pull your hair back, with a fresh face, and look in the mirror to visualize, and see the shape of your eyes and lids more clearly. Once you've decided whether you have round, almond, deep-set, hooded, wide-set, down-turned, up-turned, or mono-lid eyes you can pick your perfect lash

4 Easy Steps to Create a Barely There Natural Makeup Look

Ashley Souza

Posted on April 02 2015

The ultimate goal of your daytime makeup is to trick people into thinking you woke up looking that way. The natural style of makeup lets you feel free of the normal cosmetic worries while still looking flawless. Here you can learn how to create a barely-there natural makeup look in only a few steps.

Simple Beauty Tips 911: 3 Ways Makeup Can Hide a Hangover

Ashley Souza

Posted on December 31 2014

The holidays mean plenty of seasonal cheer -- but the morning after a party can be a headache in more ways than one! If you've had a little too much alcohol while celebrating, you can rescue your look with a few simple beauty tips. They may not do much for your aching head, but you'll still look your best the morning after!

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