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4 Easy Steps to Create a Barely There Natural Makeup Look

The ultimate goal of your daytime makeup is to trick people into thinking you woke up looking that way. The natural style of makeup lets you feel free of the normal cosmetic worries while still looking flawless. Here you can learn how to create a barely-there natural makeup look in only a few steps.

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Sorting through beauty trends - the facial oil boom

If you have been paying attention to the beauty blogs and magazines, then you may already realize the booming trend of facial oils.  They seem to be everywhere lately!  But the downside to seeing them everywhere is that is can be hard to determine which one works best for you.  Whether you have dry skin or oily skin, prefer scientific technology or organic nature, there is a good facial oil for your complexion.  Cleansing oils are a subset of this huge trend, however today we are only going to look at treatment/moisturizing oils.  Here are some of the top-ranked facial treatment oils for this beauty trend.

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