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The Perfect Smokey Eye for A Night Out

The beginning to the perfect smokey eye is the perfect make-up primer. What good is a smokey eye if it doesn't last through the first bar? Find a reliable primer, whether it be a lotion or an oil, that will extend the life of your eye shadow. Apply this to your eyelid before you begin applying your eye shadow. 

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5 Quick Steps to Mega Glam

Your best friend just called: There's a party tonight and you're on the guest list. Quick! Time to glam it up! Here's five easy ways to add some "Wow!" to that pretty face.

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Spring's here! A quick reminder of this season's beauty trends.

As shown during the 2015 Spring Fashion Week, this season is all about letting go. You want glitter? Go for it. Tons of black (not-so-perfect) liner? Okay! And while you won’t get a side-glance for going bare-faced (just if you do, make sure it’s a flawless, glowing bare face), you have permission from the fashion gods to be as colorful as you wish to be. Typically, this time of year presents eye makeup trends flooded with pastels, neutrals, and the slightest hint of shimmer. But not this year.

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