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The Spoon Trick: How to achieve the perfect winged eyeliner

Ashley Souza

Posted on June 15 2016

Let's get real: one of the hardest make-up looks to achieve is creating perfect matching winged eyeliner. Many women spent countless hours trying to get their left eye to look just like their right, or attempting to bring out the wing without going overboard.  

3 Eyeliner Application Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Ashley Souza

Posted on July 20 2015

Eye makeup can transform a dull beauty routine into a glamorous one; eyeliner, eye shadow, and mascara are just a few eye makeup options that can really make your eyes pop! Eyeliner, however, is sometimes difficult to apply just right; from preventing smudges to achieving that perfect winged eyeliner look, these hacks will make your beauty routine a lot easier!

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