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The Current Trend Blender: 4 Reasons Your Makeup is a Hot Mess.. and How to Fix it ASAP

Ashley Yamamoto

Posted on September 09 2016

how to fix makeup that is a hot mess asap lotus lashes

Strobing, contouring and ombre lips… oh, my! Why did it look so great on your celebrity Instagram feed… only to leave you looking like you just stepped off the plane with Cirque de Soleil? Today, we sat down with some makeup experts and industry insiders to find out why so many of us are getting new trends all wrong… and how we can get them right ASAP…


Problem: Cakey Foundation Brought to You By the (Gasp) Beauty Blender You Love

Solution: Use Fingers to Apply Foundation.

Yes, your beauty blender is second only to zero calorie pancakes... oh, how we wish those existed! You love your blender and your blender loves you. In fact, you have about twenty of them hanging out in your top drawer right now – even ridiculous ones with stupid unicorns printed all over them. While these little beauties are great to make sure you got everything blended in just so, they really aren’t your best bet for getting your foundation on – at least, not at first. Foundation plus your fingers = a match made in body heat heaven. Your fingers warm foundation, allowing them to melt seamlessly into your skin. Once you are all done, a beauty blender is perfectly acceptable – just don’t send a blender in to do a finger’s job.


Problem: Crazy Contour Results

Solution: Try a Cream Palette.

The contour is so in right now that it really needs its own Twitter account. Seriously… get contour a Twitter account. Somebody make it happen. Anyway – powder contour can create harsh lines that are difficult to blend and, if you are using a powdered contour, you already know that. Cream contours are easier to blend out and look far more natural. Also, always be sure to blend light and dark shades with different sponges or fingers to avoid mixing colors and ruining your hard work.


Problem: Old Lady Lips Thanks to the Matte Trend

Solution: Turn to a Lip Primer.

Lips + matte and all-day-wear shades = lip lines that show through… ALWAYS. Everybody has little lines in their lips and these can be sexy… if they do not look dry as our best friend’s brownie recipe. A primer helps you perfect the lip and get it ready for a matte shade, drawing out the sexy… and totally nixing the old lady lip look.


Problem: Eye Lines in the Bylines Courtesy of Strobing and Highlighting

Solution: Tackle Lines with Primer and the Right Brush.

The eyes have it and nobody knows that better than Lotus Lashes... but we all have those little lines that form under and around the eye. No biggie, however, foundation can enhance them and make them look FAR worse than they really are. Solution? Skip foundation in this area and opt for a primer, making sure to work the primer into lines with a concealer brush. Let that sit a moment and then apply concealer to the area using the same brush. Not working concealer into lines can make them appear worse. Just be sure to choose a shade that isn’t too thick and then set it with an HD powder to diminish lines even more. Then, opt for a great pair of faux lashes to open up the eye and create that youthful look you were going for all along.


Were you conquering any of those makeup trends all wrong? Don’t worry. Us too. A special thanks to all of our experts who took the time to sit down with Lotus Lashes today. You may not have saved the world… but you have saved the world from a generation of clown-babies trying out all those Instagram beauty trends. We thank you… and so do our mirrors. Seriously though. It is damn hard staying on point as the fairest of them all.

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