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The Natural Skin Trend

Ashley Yamamoto

Posted on March 30 2018

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DIY's and natural skin products have become the latest trends. More and more women are embracing their natural beauty and doing so flawlessly. Here are some 2018 natural beauty trends that will help you feel sexy and confident in your own skin!

Face Masks and Scrubs

Whether its homemade from avocados, honey, bananas, you name it, face masks and scrubs have become the go to. Because of the different ingredients, both of these complete varying tasks. In general, face masks help keep your skin stay hydrated, appear brighter, rid of acne and acne scars, reduce the appearance of pores and so much more. Even clay masks help rid of bacteria and are best for oily and acne prone skin. Face scrubs exfoliate the skin by lifting off the dead skin cells that cause dry, dull skin, giving it a brighter glow. 


Though it varies on the ingredients and frequency of use, essential oils have become very popular because they do such wonders for the skin. Though it seems redundant, people with oily skin should use lighter oils such as almond or jojoba, apply it at night and not as frequently. This helps stop the production of excess oil and prevents breakouts because the skin is being cleansed without losing its natural moisture. Oil in general is an excellent moisturizer that reduces wrinkles, removes acne and acne scars, and protects the skin. Not all oils are the same, therefore it is essential to know your skin type and which oils would work best for you.

Natural Products and Sunscreen

More and more women are opting for using natural skincare products. This is because cleansers and moisturizers containing natural ingredients are a healthier alternative that help brighten as well as clear up the skin, giving you much more confidence. Because all women should be comfortable naturally, wearing sunscreen has also become essential. Unprotected sun exposure for long periods of time can lead to uneven tones, and dull looking skin. Always use products containing SPF of 30 or higher and reapply consistently to always have a protective layer on your skin.


Yes, water is and always will be the key! Many people don't realize that their skin does not appear the way they want it to because of their water intake. What you put into your body will always be reflected on your skin and that is something the natural skin trend tends to focus on. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to help your skin appear moisturized, and rid of toxins and bacteria!

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