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Tips for going Cruelty-Free

Ashley Yamamoto

Posted on March 02 2017

tips for going cruelty free lotus lashes

Though most of us would agree on the importance of going cruelty-free, few of us are willing to make the change. It seems like a daunting task, switching the products in your beauty routine to more animal-friendly options. Fret not, as making the switch is a lot simpler than it may seem, and the benefits you reap will be well worth it. Here are the top reasons to go cruelty-free:

1.) It's simple. Let's start by addressing the elephant in the room: everyone's afraid that going cruelty-free is going to take a lot of time, effort, and money. For some, it may; if you try to tackle it all at once, you'll definitely find yourself overwhelmed. However, if you break it up and prioritize which products you need to switch, it becomes easier to handle. Think about the products that you can't live without, and work on replacing those first. With those necessities tackled, it becomes easier to go from there.

2.) Your skin will see the difference. Whether makeup's your game or skin care is your sole concern, both have a huge impact on what's going on beneath the surface. Switching out products with toxic ingredients to alternatives free of animal product will improve your skin from the inside out, and have it looking livelier in no time. When your skin drinks up healthy ingredients rather than harmful ones, it shows.

3.) The environment will thank you. While you may think that these products only affect your daily routine, they go far beyond that. A lot of ingredients that are harmful to yourself are also harmful to the environment, affecting animals in more ways than what's obvious. Take microbeads as an example; while they contain no animal byproduct, they certainly have a negative effect on animals in the wild. Used as an exfoliating agent in many cleansers, these tiny plastic beads can pollute a water supply or be swallowed by animals. By simply switching your exfoliating cleanser or bubble bath, you could save a lake from pollution, or a creature's life.

4.) You'll set the tone for others to go cruelty-free. Think of all the times that you've been influenced to buy a blush or eyeshadow because your friend told you about it. Believe it or not, you possess that same realm of influence! When you're bragging about how youthful your new cruelty-free moisturizer is making your skin feel, your friends will be taking mental notes. Whether they act on it or not is a different story, but if you can get their minds going in that direction, then you've already made a difference. And there's an added bonus if you have kids; they'll be bound to follow in your footsteps.

5.) It's fun! Yes, it's important to take care of your skin and to do your part in protecting the animals, but don't forget about the fun! Shopping for new beauty products is always exciting, and you'll have the added joy of knowing that the new things you're buying are for a greater good than just your own personal benefit.

We hope you have a great time going cruelty-free! 

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