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Tips for Perfect Bridal Makeup

Ashley Yamamoto

Posted on November 07 2016


One of the most memorable moments of your life is your wedding day. In the months that lead up to your day will be filled with looking for a venue, food tastings, cake tastings, engagement pictures, and the list will go on! However many brides fail to add one of the most important details to their list; bridal makeup. The way you look can have an enormous effect on how you feel on your wedding day. Today we are going to address a few bridal tips to help you look and feel your best!


  • Looking Like Yourself

Bridal makeup is meant to enhance your beauty while still looking and feeling like you. If you’re someone who hates smoky eyes than your wedding is not the time to try this new look. Most importantly you want the groom to recognize the gorgeous woman he is about to marry.

  • Waterproof Makeup

Whether you are a notorious crier or getting married on a hot day; waterproof makeup is a must! Nothing can take away from your day more than watery mascara dripping down your face or leaving half of your foundation on you dads coat during the father daughter dance.Investing in waterproof mascara and foundation is key.


  • False Eyelashes

Nothing can make a bride feel and look more beautiful than adding false eyelashes to their bridal makeup. This is the day that more pictures will be taken then you ever imagined. False lashed will help make your eyes pop and look stunning in pictures. With companies such as Lotus that specialize in lashes you can ensure that the perfect set is picked out for you!


Your wedding day can be stressful but it doesn’t have to be. By using some of the tips that we have mentioned you can alleviate any worry about how you look!


If you would like more information about false eyelashes our experienced team would love to answer any questions!

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