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Why you should consider bridal lashes for your big day beauty

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Wedding day beauty is sometimes hard to get right. You want your makeup, hair and jewelry to be special, more than just your everyday look, but you don't want to look overly "done." 

Getting that special bridal look is best done with the help of a professional. One thing to keep in mind while planning your bridal look is that photos and video will be capturing the day so that you and your family can look back on it for years to come. This means that you want to be your most beautiful self, but you also want to look like YOU.

One mistake we've seen is heavy wedding day makeup. This happens because brides want their makeup to show up in photos, and they are trying to achieve a dramatic, flawless look.

The answer isn't to pile on more makeup, though, it's to apply the right makeup.

For example, you want luminous, radiant skin on your big day, right? The answer isn't to put on more foundation and powder than normal. Instead, start with a luminous primer that brightens your skin and gives it a soft, diffused glow.

For the eyes, the answer isn't to pile on more liner and shadow. If you want your eyes to pop and look amazing in your wedding photos, false eyelashes are the way to go. Thick, lush lashes frame the eyes and add just the right amount of drama while still looking natural. 

One tip to keep in mind: You don't want to try a drastically new look on the day of your wedding. Do a trial run a couple of weeks before so that you know what does and doesn't work. Try out a couple different lengths and styles of false lashes to find the perfect ones for you, and experiment with shadow, lipstick and cheek color to find just the right look on your wedding day.

Remember, you still want to look like you, just the most beautiful version of you!

Ashley Yamamoto
Ashley Yamamoto


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