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Why Your Lashes Should be Cruelty Free

Why your mink lashes should be cruelty free lotus lashes

Every woman needs a killer look - but that doesn't mean it should actually involve any killing. That's why the only cruelty you'll find in our products is the possibility of looking devilishly beautiful. So why should you, fellow femme fatales, care about your lashes being cruelty free? Here at Lotus Lashes, we decided a long time ago that women shouldn't have to compromise the quality of their look for the sake of their furry friends.

Here are a few facts about the fur industry, along with some facts about animal testing in cosmetics that demonstrate why Lotus's commitment to cruelty-free sourcing is so important:

  • Born Free USA estimates that 50 million animals are killed for their fur each year.

NO animals are killed in the making of our lashes.

  • Respect for Animals estimates that each year, approximately 70 million minks are killed for their pelts worldwide.

NO minks are killed in the making of our lashes. The fiber for our lashes is obtained during the mink's natural shedding season. The hairs are gently brushed off of the coat, collected and processed so that they can be used in our products. This does no harm to the animal whatsoever.  

NONE of our products are tested on animals.

  • There is no current requirement for products in the US to indicate whether or not a product is actually cruelty free. According to the FDA, many companies advertise their products as "cruelty free" because they're not tested on animals in their final form; even if they've been tested on animals in another stage of production.

WE are 100% cruelty free at every stage. Our handmade lashes are made of the highest quality mink fiber, obtained from responsible sources in a way that does no harm to the animal. Animal testing isn't a part of what we do.  

WE see that the tide is changing. Lotus Lashes has a responsibility to our consumers and to our environment, and our products reflect that. We hope that by using the best quality fiber from responsible sources, Lotus Lashes can help contribute to a better beauty industry as a whole. By sourcing fiber from a live animal when it sheds, we look toward a tomorrow that lets an animal live as opposed to slaughtering it for fur. 

So, wear those lashes with confidence and kill with those beautiful eyes - metaphorically speaking, of course.

Ashley Yamamoto
Ashley Yamamoto


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