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Winter Skin Care Tips To Keep You Glowing

winter skin care tips to keep your skin glowing lotus lashes

Winter is a tricky time for most skin types. Keeping your skin clear, glowing and healthy isn't easy. 

There's a lot going against you during the cold months. You have dry air and wind that can leave your skin dry, red, flaky and irritated. Going from one temp extreme to another is also harsh on your skin. For example, going from the cold outdoors to the heated indoors can wreak havoc. And, indoor heated environments often lack humidity, also drying out skin.

Your normal cleansing routine may make your skin dry. Overcompensating with more moisture products can clog pores and result in breakouts. Women with combination skin will have a rough time, because you'll still struggle with breakouts even as your skin becomes dry, flaky and even chapped. What do you do? How do you cleanse and exfoliate without stripping? How do you achieve a rosy glow when the weather is clearly out to get you? Here are some tips to help you keep your skin under control and looking wonderful this winter:

First Tip: Rethink your cleansing routine.

Switching to a gentle cleanser can go a long way to helping your skin stay soft and smooth. Think gentle cleansing milks and creams, or even cleansing oils. Even if your skin is not usually sensitive, you may want to try a cleanser for sensitive skin. The dry air and harsh elements can strip your skin of the oils that protect it, resulting in redness, flakiness and even breakouts.

Tip #2: Lock In Moisture.

Use a high-quality moisturizer to lock in moisture. Apply directly after washing your face while your skin is still damp. Use a product that contains hyuralonic acid, this helps your skin retain moisture. Remember to pat your skin dry after washing, don't rub it! Where possible, use products that are unscented. It's a good idea to avoid any possible irritants, especially if you are experiencing redness.

Tip #3: Continue wearing sunscreen.

Don't be lulled into thinking you're safe from UV damage just because it isn't sunny out! Continue applying SPF daily. 

Makeup Tips For Winter:

If your skin is looking dull or pasty, choose a luminous serum to brighten skin, and try applying a light bronzer to give a warm glow (don't overdo it!)

Use a highlighting pencil directly under brows and in the inner corners of your eyes to make eyes pop, and consider a set of false lashes to give your eyes a subtle, sexy boost.

Now is the time to break out richer, deeper colors for winter and fall. Go ahead and try that red lipstick or plum shadow! 

Ashley Yamamoto
Ashley Yamamoto


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