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How To Grow Long, Thick, Beautiful Eyelashes

Let's face it, we all dream of having naturally long, thick, and beautiful lashes. Due to circumstances such as normal wear and tear, aging, poor makeup habits, etc.; it is almost impossible to maintain naturally thick eyelashes. The dream of having thick beautiful lashes is finally within reach. We are going to explore ways to grow and maintain your eyelashes.

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The Five Best Full-Coverage Foundations

Women have come a long way in the past 30 years, and so has full-coverage foundation. Thank goodness the days of caked-on, acne-building, shiny-faced days your mom had to endure are gone!

Today, the best foundation formulas are made to be breathable, non-clogging, and skin-enriching for a fresh, natural look all day.

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Simple Tips for Fighting Acne

Unless you've been blessed by the gods or some magical witch (and I'm convinced that some of us have been), then you've probably gone through the terror that is acne. Whether you're thirteen or going on forty, it's likely that you still get acne either some of the time or pretty much all of the time (again, unless you got that witch to help you). We're here today to help you out with some tips for keeping those pimples at bay! 

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The Best Foundations for Healthy, Dewy Skin

There's nothing better than having a flawless, radiant complexion. However, there are so many different foundation options out there, it can be kind of intimidating! Everyone has different wants and price ranges too. Thankfully, you ended up here! Here's a list that encompasses the best dewy foundations for a multitude of situations.

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