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4 Best Practices for Applying False Eyelashes to Small Eyes

Ashley Yamamoto

Posted on October 07 2020

best practices for applying false eyelashes to small eyes


False eyelashes give eyes a sexy and dramatic look that every girl loves, but if you have small eyes the look can quickly go from dramatic to traumatic if applied incorrectly. Most false eyelashes are designed for larger eyes, making the novice user feel they can never achieve that sexy look that falsies provide. But by following these 4 foolproof practices, that wide-eyed sexy look can be achieved today!

Tip 1: Mascara is a Girl's Best Friend
Mascara elongates your natural lashes, giving the false lashes a better hold. Apply eye makeup first then mascara. Mascara also helps your natural lashes, and false lashes blend together better. You can use a clear mascara to avoid a gunky finish.

Tip 2: Shape it Up!
It is important to always shape your false lashes, especially if your eyes are small. Place the false eyelashes on your lash line to measure your eye. Trim the outer corners of the false lashes to make them fit your eye. It is really important to always trim the OUTER corner, and not the inner corner. Be conservative with it, and trim little by little, to avoid accidentally over trimming them.

Tip 3: Line those Eyes
One of the most helpful tips for girls with small eyes and the newbie falsie applicator is always wear eyeliner. Eyeliner gives your eyes a pop, and also provides the perfect road map on where to apply your false eyelashes. If you are going for a natural look use a dark brown or light brown eyeliner. For a more dramatic look, use a liquid liner in black.

Tip 4: Stay True to the Glue
Glue application is the most important factor when applying false eyelashes. Too much glue and your lashes will look clumped and dirty, too little glue and your lashes won't stay on very long. You'll want to apply a thin line of adhesive to the strip, with a little extra on the outer corners to keep them from lifting. When applying false eyelashes to the lash line, start with the center and pinch the false lashes and real lashes together going out to the corners. This technique gives the false eyelashes a firm and secure hold.


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