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Exploring Your Fashion: How to Stay Busy at Home

Ashley Yamamoto

Posted on July 09 2020

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If the coronavirus blues have you feeling down, don't worry! You can use the time at home to explore your fashion sense. When we (finally) get out of lock down, get ready to party!

Here are some ways you can get ready for all the fun you'll have when the coronavirus is over. But, in the meantime, you can get glamorous at home!

Reorganize your closet.

I mean, really, do you actually wear all of your cute little black skirts, or do you stick to the same few favorites?

Give your closet a makeover! It's time to let go of clothes that simply don't work with your style anymore.

Cleaning out clothes makes room for all of the new outfits you'll buy when we can finally go SHOPPING again! (It feels like it's been years!)

Clean out your makeup.

Did you know that you should replace makeup brushes every three months?! We've all been guilty of keeping mascara way longer than we probably should, too.

Take this time to get rid of all the makeup that's too old. Plus, cleaning out makeup makes room for all of the fun, sexy new shades that will be out next month!


Bonus: Try out some new looks! If you've never been able to quite nail that elusive cat eye, today may be your day!

Experiment with new manicure techniques.

Just because you can't go out every night of the week doesn't mean we've gone back to the Stone Ages.

Get gorgeous in your home! Girl, you are worth it!

Have fun with practicing new nail designs! Experiment with new color combinations!

While you're at it, get rid of any shades that you don't wear anymore. It's a win-win!

Check these awesome designs out for inspiration!

Try different hairstyles.

Sometimes, you just want a quick 'do that will get you out the door. Use quarantine to hone your styling skills!

If you're lucky enough to be social distancing with friends, take turns doing each others' hair.

You can have a girls' night in! How awesome would that be?

The next time you go out, you can show off all your mad styling skills! 

Plan a list of fun places to go post-coronavirus.

Even though you're stuck inside, you're still a traveler at heart. So, why not plan your dream vacation?

Go for it! You can explore tons of awesome destinations online.

Get ready for your next trip! This will help you stay sane and avoid going stir crazy.

How much fun would it be to go on a cross country road trip? Plan one here!

Get with your girlfriends and plan a girls' trip for next summer! 

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