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How to Keep Things Sanitary with Your Lotus Lashes!

Ashley Yamamoto

Posted on January 06 2021

keeping things sanitary with your false eyelashes

One of the great things about Lotus Lashes is that they can be reused time and time again so that you get the most use possible from your purchase. When re-using lashes, it is crucial to keep things sanitary and well-maintained! 

Here is a care routine to utilize for your Lotus Lashes products to ensure maximum safety and longevity:

  • Before touching your face or lashes, wash your hands with soap and water.
  • Using your clean hands, remove the lashes by starting at the outer edge and gently pulling them off. Pull at the lash band and not the lashes themselves! Pulling at the lashes can compromise their integrity, and also cause harm to your own natural lashes.
  • In order to prevent the formation of bacteria, and to extend the lifetime of your lashes, try to avoid using too many products directly on your Lotus Lashes. This includes foundation, concealer, eyeliner, mascara, powder, pigments, etc. Keeping your false lashes free of product build-up is key to ensuring their extended use! Mascara in particular can cause lashes to lose their volume and curl over time.
  • Once your Lotus Lashes have been removed, you can sanitize them by removing the used adhesive from the lash band. We recommend using our Lotus Brush-On Lash Glue with all of our Lotus Lashes for the best possible results. You can also use your clean hands or clean tweezers to remove larger chunks of adhesive.
  • For optimum sanitation, you should follow up this removal by applying a small or diluted amount of alcohol to the lashes to dissolve any bacteria that may have formed.
  • Once you have cleaned your lashes, you should allow them to dry fully before returning them to the storage case that they came in. Storing them in their original case keeps them away from any outside bacteria, as well as enabling them to maintain their shape. Store them in a cool, dry environment to prevent any further microbial growth. 

If you follow this routine, your Lotus Lashes will stay hygienic and gorgeous for many more uses!

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