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Make Hooded Eyes Pop

Ashley Yamamoto

Posted on September 09 2020

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You've carefully applied your eye makeup, but that beautiful accent color you chose isn't popping; it completely disappeared when you opened your eyes. Instead of lamenting your hooded eyelids, embrace them! Hooded eyelids are quite common and considered to be very sexy! Try these tips to achieve the stunning eye looks you've been dreaming about!

1.)  Begin your eye makeup routine by starting with an eye primer.  A primer will prevent your eyeshadow from creasing, which is a common occurrence with hooded lids. Another benefit of primer is that it will help keep your eye makeup securely in place all day long!

2.) Make sure your eyebrows are in check and perfectly plucked because you are going to need to apply your shadow color all the way up to your brow bone in order to achieve a look that flatters your hooded lids. Don't forget to touch of your brows with your preferred brow product. Filling in the brow area really does make a difference!

3.) Choose your base shadow and apply it to your brown bone. Ideally, this should be a lighter color that will help to define the rest of the colors you have chosen.

4.) Next, apply a medium-toned color from the lid all the way to the area just above your natural crease. Applying this shadow slightly above your crease will ensure that the color does not get lost when you open your eyes.

5.) Grab a crease brush and your favorite pop of color! Using the crease brush, apply this color to the crease, but, you will, again, apply this color so that it is slightly above the crease as well. Make sure your color is applied with a lighter stroke in the area closer to your nose and with a heavier stroke closer to the outer corner of your eye. The goal is for the color to be the darkest in the outer corner of your lid. 

6.) Use a nice highlighter or brightening shadow to accentuate your brow bone and then use a blending brush to clean up any harsh edges.

7.) Apply your favorite mascara.

8.) Don't forget the lashes! Try one of the lashes in Lotus Lashes Medium Volume collection. The lashes in this line are perfect for those with hooded eyelids. One of my favorite lashes from this collection is the No. 99 lash set. This set looks natural, but it really helps to draw that extra attention to your eyes!

Stop hating on your hooded lids and try these tips to create eyeshadow looks that will help to create those dreamy bedroom eyes! Believe me, people will not be able to take their eyes off of yours!

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