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Tips for Properly Setting False Eyelashes

Ashley Yamamoto

Posted on April 30 2020

tips for properly setting false eyelashes lotus lashes

For those of you who have purchased false eyelashes, I am sure a good number of you have struggled with successfully applying them. How do you apply them correctly, so you don't have that dangling-off-the-edge look or artificial straight-plastered-on look?

Here are some tips to make setting false eyelashes easier:

  • Apply lashes after applying any eye makeup.
  • Curl your natural lashes prior to setting false eyelashes - you want your real lashes to be in sync with the false lashes after they are applied.
  • Line the lashes against your natural line above your eye to compare lash length to your real eyelashes.
  • Trim off a little at a time as needed, being careful not to cut off too much. Trim lashes starting from the outer edge.
  • Use tweezers, so as not to accidentally destroy parts of false lashes. 
  • Bend lashes back and forth a few times, to ensure lashes curve better to your natural line when applied. This can avoid the straight look.
  • Apply the glue while putting a little extra towards each end, but be cautious not to apply too much to the entire lash band.
  • Wait until glue becomes a tacky texture before applying.
  • When setting lashes, do not look upward - use a handheld mirror and look a bit downward and to the side to prevent them from falling off while applying.

These are just a few tricks to making the process easier for setting false eyelashes.

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