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3 Tips For Using Eye Makeup To Enhance Your Eyes

Ashley Yamamoto

Posted on April 17 2021

tips for using eye make up to enhance your eyes lotus lashes


When applying your makeup, it is very important that you take the time to really make your eyes look great. Your eyes are the central focus of your face and there are so many fun things that you can do with makeup to really enhance them. Here are three great tips!

Choose An Eyeshadow The Compliments Your Eye Color

When looking for an eyeshadow color to choose, it is an excellent idea to use a color that compliments the color of your eyes. For example, neutral colors such as soft browns and tans look great with blue eyes, purples look beautiful with green eyes, and blues go well with brown eyes. This can help draw attention to your eyes and really enhance your eye color. 

Line The Top And Bottoms Of Your Eyes

To really emphasize the shape and color of your eyes, you can use a black eyeliner to line both the top and the bottom of your eyes. You want to line the area of your eyelid that is right along your lash line. You will then want to line the bottom of your eyes right at your lash line. Avoid lining the inside of your eyes along your tear duct because this can make your eyes look smaller. 

Add False Lashes

Lastly, you can add some gorgeous false lashes to really enhance your eyes and make them pop. You can choose from a variety of lashes that match your the shape of your eyes. You can also find ones that come in different thicknesses and lengths. The lashes will build on the look of your eyeshadow and eyeliner and create a great finished look. You simply apply the lashes along your lash line using a lash glue and you are ready to go!

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