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The Difference Between Real and Faux Mink Lashes

Ashley Yamamoto

Posted on March 14 2021

real mink vs faux mink what's the difference

Nothing, and we mean nothing, is more luxurious, than the feel of mink, right? So of course, when thinking luxury and beauty, we of course think mink.....and today, we are thinking about mink lashes.

There is some debate between real mink and faux mink lashes.  So what exactly is the difference anyway?  To determine which is best for you, let's consider a few things:

Show me the money

Real mink, just like real fur, is going to be a bit pricier than faux mink lashes.  It just makes sense, doesn't it?  And that is probably the reason that real mink is the most popular lash out there.  Heck, there are some companies out there that are selling their mink lashes for $500.  But here at Lotus Lashes, we have made them more affordable.  Choosing either lash can be worked into your budget easily.

Real Mink

Ok, so it may be a bit more expensive, but it is also the lash that most naturally mimics your real lashes.  These lashes are very lightweight and fluffy, and if you are just starting out wearing lashes, they are a great beginner lash because they can be very subtle.  Our lashes are cruelty free and sterilized, so allergies are rare.  Mink lashes, however, do not maintain the curl as well as faux lashes do, so you may have to curl them yourself after some wearings.

Faux Mink

Faux mink, the man-made alternative to real mink,  is also a lightweight lustrous lash.  They are budget friendly but are still thick and fluffy.  Our faux mink lashes are vegan and are perfect for those who only use vegan products or have severe allergies.  

Faux mink lashes are also great for those with allergies.   Or if you have an aversion to using a real fur product, faux mink lashes may be an excellent choice for you.  And faux lashes are available in all styles, from the most natural to the boldest.  

The type of lash that you choose, is purely a  personal choice.  Our lashes are so affordable, you can buy multiple styles or content.  Go ahead!  Get your beauty on!  Visit us today!

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