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Best Tips to Remove Falsies Without Damaging Your Real Ones

Ashley Yamamoto

Posted on April 30 2020

best tips for removing your false eyelashes without damaging your real ones

False eyelashes are always the final touch to get any makeup look, or natural glam, from looking good to looking amazing. Though as great as they may look, they can have their downfalls. It's a terrible feeling when you see your real eyelashes were ripped off because of your fake ones. As beautiful as false lashes are, your natural ones are even more so. Here are some tips to help you look fab with your falsies and keep your real ones in tact!


Tip #1: Be Very Careful With the Type of Eyelash Glue You Use! 

Long-lasting eyelash glue can have some very damaging effects on natural lashes because they contain harsher chemicals. Because it is used to keep falsies on for longer, more tension is created on your natural lashes. Formaldehyde is known to be the harshest chemical that eyelash glue contains because it has been found to be a carcinogen and allergen. Any eyelash glue can be damaging to your natural lashes, but be weary of long lasting eyelash adhesives. Tip #2 can help reduce the damage that eyelash glue can cause.


Tip #2: Place Eyelash Glue Above Natural Lashes!

Unfortunately many women and makeup artists get eyelash glue on natural lashes, whether on purpose or by accident, but that is a one of the main ways that natural lashes get damaged so quickly. When the eyelash glue touches the your natural lashes, they are then exposed to all of its harsh chemicals. The base of your false lashes should never come into contact with the base of your eyelid. Eyelash glue should be directly above the base of the eyelid. Thank us later. 


Tip #3: Do Not Rip Them Off

We know, it feels way too good to rip your falsies off after a long, hard day. But do not get home and rip off your falsies like you would tear off your shoes! Ripping falsies off is a very violent and surefire way to ensure that your natural lashes come off too. When the false eyelashes are torn off, so could your real ones. See the tip to find out how to avoid this.


Tip #4: Use Make Up Remover

Instead of impulsively ripping off your falsies, try eye makeup remover, preferably waterproof. Be sure to coat the base of your eyelid with the makeup remover. Gently take the falsies off. Having something to wear down the eyelash adhesive so your real lashes stay intact is very important.


Tip #5: Soaking with Oil

Something else to wear down the eyelash glue on your eyes is oil! Hold a cotton pad with oil over your closed eye for a 10-20 seconds, ensuring that the falsies and the glue are soaked in oil. Taking them off should be a breeze after this, and it won't damage your real lashes as much as they would have without the oil.


Never pull, tug, or twist your false lashes while you're wearing them! Remember to always treat your skin and eyelashes kindly!

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