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Bridal Lashes 101

Ashley Yamamoto

Posted on May 06 2020

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Brides are faced with countless wedding day decisions involving what type of flowers they want, how many guests to invite, what kind of cake to serve, what dress to wear, and what makeup look to choose. So many options can feel exciting, but oftentimes overwhelming. 

With a growing number innovative choices for bridal makeup and beauty, lots of brides are asking themselves what to do when it comes to their lashes. Long, bold eyelashes are a no-brainer for bridal beauty, but with so many choices, it can be hard to figure out what option to go with. Should you use mascara on your natural lashes? Apply false eyelashes? Or should you get eyelash extensions for your big day?

Mascara is a classic, must-have beauty product, but even the waterproof kind may not last through a long day of photos, tears, dancing, and more photos. You'll want to choose a bridal lash option that won't smudge, fade, or crumble.

Fortunately, the right false eyelashes or eyelash extensions will hold up through an entire wedding day. False eyelashes come in the form of full strips or individual tufts, and can range from a few dollars and up, depending on the quality and material. This type of lash can be applied at home or by a makeup artist. Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent, synthetic lashes that are glued to your real eyelashes. This option is typically only offered through a spa service.

Whether you choose waterproof mascara, false eyelashes, or eyelash extensions for your bridal look, it's important to test out your beauty choices at least once before the big day. Try out a few options to see what you like and how well they hold up through several hours of wear. 

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