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How to Wear Dramatic Lashes with Confidence

Ashley Yamamoto

Posted on May 06 2020

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When scrolling through social media it's easy to notice new, dramatic lash trends! You might think to yourself: Can I pull off these bold and on-trend false eyelashes? Will they be too much, or overpower my whole look? Here are some tips that will help you pull off the most recent styles in luxury lashes.

Know the Dress Code

Ultra fluffy lashes in combination with a little black dress is a classic outfit for a night out on the town. However, it might be inappropriate to go full glam for your Monday morning errands. There is a proper time and place for every style of lash. The key is to know when to amp up your look and add more drama to your eyes.

Experiment with Volume and Length

Everyone's eye shape is different. An over the top lash on one face may look completely natural on another. Experiment with medium and high volume lashes after becoming familiar with lighter falsies. As you wear more lashes, you will typically find that what once looked too flashy is now no longer striking enough! False eyelashes are addicting to wear and you will soon find yourself flirting with bolder styles.

Take Selfies

Before heading out in the world decked in your dramatic lashes, be sure to snap a few photos. Send them to a friend for feedback, or post and let the likes roll in! Comments from friends can be great confidence boosters. You may even have your friends asking for advice on how to get such long and thick lashes. Even bolder styles can make it seem like you were born blessed with dramatic eyes.

Be Yourself!

While the above tips can assist you in finding your confidence, the number one tip is to honor your own style! These are many lash volumes, shapes, and sizes to choose from so there is no limit on defining your own beauty. 

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