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4 Tips for Choosing Your First Pair of False Eyelashes

Ashley Yamamoto

Posted on May 14 2020

lotus lashes 3d no. 205 mink lashes in packaging how to choose your first pair of lashes

From the glam faces of celebrities on your Instagram feed to the eyes of everyday girls, false eyelashes are everywhere. You've decided you want to try the look—but where do you begin? Here are a few tips for choosing the right pair of lashes if you're new to falsies:

1. Choose a light or medium volume lash

High volume false eyelashes look amazing in the box, but if it's your first time wearing them, you might feel more like you've dressed up for Halloween than for a date. To avoid this, pick a pair that resembles the volume of your current eyelashes. You'll feel comfortable and still look glam.

2. Choose a lash with a crisscross pattern

Pairs of false eyelashes where the individual lashes overlap look more natural than pairs with lashes that stick straight out. They mimic a natural texture that will help your real lashes blend in with the false ones.

3. Keep the shape natural

Looking for length? Look at your own eyes to determine what shape you should go for. If you have almond-shaped eyes, choose a pair that flares at the end. If you have deep-set or round eyes, go for a pair that is longest in the middle. This will give your eyes a flirty "oomph" while still looking natural.

4. Make sure you have the right tools for the job

Your toolkit is just as important as the false eyelashes you pick. Reach for a glue that dries clear, because this will disguise any mistakes if your application isn't perfect the first time. It's also handy to pick up a lash applicator. Lash applicators are like tweezers but have curved tips that give you a better grip on the falsies.

 With these tips, you'll find the perfect lash in no time! After you get comfortable wearing a few pairs, try experimenting with higher volume false eyelashes and fun patterns. You never know what you'll like on your eyes. Now go on and show off your new lashes!

Photo: No. 205 Medium Volume

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