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How to Get the Most Out of Your Lash Glue

Ashley Yamamoto

Posted on May 31 2020

how to get the most out of your lash glue

We've all been there: on the quest for luscious lashes, you apply your falsies with lash glue, and everything is sitting perfectly in place. Then just a little while later, when you're out rocking your look, you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror. Yikes! There's glue shining on your eyelid, one corner of your lashes is sticking up, and the other side is drooping down. 

So, how can you fully harness the power of lash glue and avoid getting into these kinds of sticky situations? Here are some tips to help you the next time you want to make your look a long-lasting one.

  • Don't go overboard. Our instinct is to pile on the lash glue to make our lashes stay longer. But putting on too much can actually sabotage your look, especially if the glue is clear and shiny. For the bulk of the lashes, applying a thin line will do the trick.
  • Apply two additional drops of lash glue on the inner and outer ends of the lashes. The corners of the eyes tend to be the biggest problem areas in terms of staying power. Adding extra reinforcement will keep those ends down.
  • Don't apply your lashes immediately after applying lash glue. I know, it's hard to wait even a second when you want your fix of fuller, longer lashes NOW. But waiting about 30-60 seconds for the lash glue to become tacky will make a huge difference in its ability to stick to your eyelid.
  • Hold your lash glue tube below your lash strip when applying it. This will prevent the glue from accidentally gushing out of the tube, spilling over onto the actual lashes, and sticking them all together.
  • Take advantage of the top-selling formula in Lotus Brush-On Lash Glue. Not only does our waterproof formula dry clear and invisibly, it is easy to remove and allows your lashes to be used again without any unsightly, sticky gunk. The product's applicator brush is the perfectly thin width for your lash strip, which makes following these tips that much easier. Best part? It's free of any harmful latex, parabens, and sulfate.


Trust me--Stick with these lash glue tips! If you do, you'll be able to rock your look for a period of time that's as long as your new lashes.

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