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How to Keep Your False Eyelashes Looking Amazing!

Ashley Yamamoto

Posted on June 17 2020

how to keep your false eyelashes looking amazing lotus lashes


Here at Lotus Lashes we are passionate about YOU! We want you to feel your best because we all know that confidence is beauty and false eyelashes are a fun and sexy way to add some confidence and embrace your inner sass! But it's not so fun if they aren't taken care of so here are some tips on how to keep your false eyelashes looking incredible.

For starters, you'll want to take them off every night before you go to bed. Removing your false lashes is super easy, simply peel them (carefully!) away from your eyelid and make sure you also remove the layer of glue from the base of the lashes. You can use a good-quality makeup remover, or your favorite oil like coconut or sweet almond oil, to soften the adhesive before removing the lashes. If you feel the lashes pull or pinch simply apply more oil or makeup remover to your lash line and wait a few moments before trying again.

Before you store them you'll need to clean them with a q-tip soaked in makeup remover or micellar water, rub the q-tip along the lash line and then store them in their container so they won't get crushed or damaged.

You can wear mascara with your false lashes but be aware that even if you are diligent to clean them after every use, you will still shorten their lifespan because of the additional wear and tear from the cleaning.

Another key component is to use high-quality adhesive, so your lashes stay in place through your day and won't be damaged during use. Our Lotus Brush-On Lash Glue is specifically formulated for long-lasting wear and it's easy to remove, making your false lashes last longer. The applicator brush is super thin, making application effortless. Our waterproof, latex-free formula is sulfate/paraben free.

False lashes are a fun, simple way to add a little drama to your everyday look, so go forth and slay the day!

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