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Glam Is a Way of Life

“A woman should be two things, classy and fabulous.”— Coco Channel

There are no set rules to living a glamorous life. Coco Channel was tanning and wearing pants (and her boyfriend’s suits!) when it was considered shocking and unfeminine to do so.

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Highlighting Basics for An Easy Glam Look

Trends come and go, but appreciating your own natural beauty and accentuating your best features is always in style. What says glam better than putting your best face forward? One of the easiest, most effective ways to do this is by using a quick and easy makeup routine so many women fail to utilize is the technique known as highlighting.

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Halloween Makeup for a Ghoulish Glam Look

Halloween is coming up fast! What are you going to be? Halloween is a fun time for adults as well as kids. Kids are in it for the candy, adults are in to Halloween for the ability to dress up like something or someone else for a day, and the opportunity to feel like a kid again by dressing like a favorite superhero or Halloween character. Here are some costume/makeup ideas for this Halloween that are sure to sooth the glamour queen within:

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Makeup: Try Bold Lips this Summer!

We’re right in the thick of summer! You know, when even the thought of wearing a full face of makeup seems like utter torture. What’s a girl to do when she still wants to look GLAM without all that extra CAKE?

Try pairing your Lotus Mink Lashes with a BOLD lip! Bold lips can kick your look into high gear with minimal effort.

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Custom Eyes: How to double stack false eyelashes

Looking for even more va-va-voom from your false lashes? Stack 'em, baby! That's right! You can mix and match multiple pairs of our mink lashes to get a look that's 100% you, and 100% drop-dead gorgeous.

The first step: Select your lashes.

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