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Lotus Lashes: Lashes for every occasion

We make our lashes for anyone and any occasion. Whether you wear light makeup or super dark smokey-eyes, we have a lash set that's ideal for you. Read below to find out which eyelashes are your perfect match. 

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Why Your Lashes Should be Cruelty Free

Here are a few facts about the fur industry, along with some facts about animal testing in cosmetics that demonstrate why Lotus's commitment to cruelty-free sourcing is so important: 

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Mother's Day Sale! 25% OFF - Redeem code MOM25 at checkout - Lotus Lashes Discount Code - Promo Code

Mother's Day Sale! Enjoy 25% OFF all orders 5/8-5/10! Use discount code 'MOM25' at checkout. Shop our luxe cruelty-free mink lashes + 4 NEW styles at!

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Announcing 4 New Lotus Lashes!

We are excited to announce 4 new flirty and glamorous mink lash styles to create lust-worthy looks!

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Custom Eyes: How to double stack false eyelashes

Looking for even more va-va-voom from your false lashes? Stack 'em, baby! That's right! You can mix and match multiple pairs of our mink lashes to get a look that's 100% you, and 100% drop-dead gorgeous.

The first step: Select your lashes.

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Perfect Lotus Mink Lashes for Your Eye Shape

Long, full lashes are the best way to take your eye-makeup look from good to gorgeous, but to really achieve that fabulous and flawless celebrity look, you need to know a couple of important tips. First, identify the shape of your eyes and eyelids. Pull your hair back, with a fresh face, and look in the mirror to visualize, and see the shape of your eyes and lids more clearly. Once you've decided whether you have round, almond, deep-set, hooded, wide-set, down-turned, up-turned, or mono-lid eyes you can pick your perfect lash

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