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Get the Look Sale - 25% OFF - Lotus Lashes Promo - Sale - Mink Lashes

Ashley Yamamoto

Posted on April 19 2019

Get the Look Sale - 25% OFF - Lotus Lashes Promo - Sale - Mink Lashes
Get the look as seen on the Gram and save 25% OFF!!!

Hooded tips: the best Lotus Lashes for hooded eyes

Ashley Yamamoto

Posted on August 22 2016

There's not a lot of love out there for the girls with hooded eyelids. Search YouTube, and all of the tutorials are by wonderful and talented makeup artists... who do not have hooded eyes. On top of that, false lash guides for hooded eyes are even more sparse, if they even exist at all.  

5 Quick Steps to Mega Glam

Ashley Souza

Posted on June 23 2015

Your best friend just called: There's a party tonight and you're on the guest list. Quick! Time to glam it up! Here's five easy ways to add some "Wow!" to that pretty face.

Custom Eyes: How to double stack false eyelashes

Ashley Souza

Posted on April 23 2015

Looking for even more va-va-voom from your false lashes? Stack 'em, baby! That's right! You can mix and match multiple pairs of our mink lashes to get a look that's 100% you, and 100% drop-dead gorgeous.

The first step: Select your lashes.

Lotus Mink Lashes - Discover our New and Improved Quality, Beauty and Fluff!

Ashley Souza

Posted on April 04 2015

We don't want no mediocre! Shop our new and improved Lotus mink lash styles and discover your new favorites!

4 Easy Steps to Create a Barely There Natural Makeup Look

Ashley Souza

Posted on April 02 2015

The ultimate goal of your daytime makeup is to trick people into thinking you woke up looking that way. The natural style of makeup lets you feel free of the normal cosmetic worries while still looking flawless. Here you can learn how to create a barely-there natural makeup look in only a few steps.

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