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The Evolution of False Eyelashes

Ashley Souza

Posted on July 02 2015

False eyelashes made their appearance in movies around 1916, for the movie Intolerance, where director D.W. Griffith instructed a wigmaker to attach human hair to gauze and affix to the eyelids of actress Seena Owens. Movie makeup artist Max Factor also created a set of false lashes with human hair a few years later and the look slowly made its way through Hollywood. Lashes were also made of fringe but didn’t wear very well, and didn’t show up on the screen clearly enough.
The false eyelash trend really boomed in the 1960s when Twiggy and other models began displaying the exaggerated, wide-eyed look in magazines and movies. This look embodied the time and false eyelashes were available on a much more limited basis.

Nowadays, false eyelashes are much easier to come by and are made of animal fur, human hair, or synthetic. False eyelashes give the appearance of wide-eyed wonder, and look sleek, sexy, and luxuriant.
Lashes can be applied in a strip, or individual lashes to the top lash line or lower lash line. The look is natural in the 21 century- models, actresses and ladies just wanting a fresh or glamorous look can get eyelashes applied or apply their own, as well as using some FDA approved serums to grow eyelashes where sparse ones once grew.
False eyelashes are easy to obtain and apply, and easy to remove and care for, and give the wearer a stylish and alluring look, suitable for day ware or nightlife.

Please contact us to learn the ins and out of false eyelashes and to learn how they can transform your entire look.

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