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Different Types of Makeup Brushes: Care and Maintenance

Different types of makeup brushes and how to care for them Lotus Lashes

There are a myriad of products and techniques when it comes to makeup. There are makeup brushes that are designed to accentuate your eyes, brushes that have the perfect size to fill in your cheeks, and wispy makeup brushes that apply the perfect amount of highlighter onto your face. Here are some of the more popular makeup brushes.

Foundation brushes. Foundation brushes are flat and are perfect for applying cream and liquid foundations. You use foundation brushes in the center of your face, sweeping the product outwards towards your hairline. For foundation, some people prefer a powder formulation. A powder brush have the perfect shape to apply powder without it pooling in one area. Concealer brushes look like foundation brushes – but they are smaller, allow it to easily apply concentrated amounts of makeup on hyperpigmentation or unsightly marks.

Makeup brushes for blush and contouring. The kabuki brush is a flat top makeup brush that works perfectly to blend product and also to sweep bronzer along the temples and hairline. An angled blush brush is perfectly created work with the unique shape of your cheeks, allowing you to apply buildable amounts of blush. A fan brush allows you to brush off fallen eyeshadow from under your eyes, but it can also apply sheer amounts of blush, bronzer, or highlighter on precise areas.

Makeup brushes for the eyes. An all-over eyeshadow brush allows you to apply intense color with a windshield wiper motion. A smudger brush looks a bit like a square - and it is perfect to line your lashes with a kohl liner. An angled eyeliner brush allows you to apply cream or gel shadows along the lash line.

Taking Care of Your Makeup Brushes:

It's it's a good idea to follow a regular regimen to ensure that you do not put dirty makeup brushes on your face that can bring about dermatitis or some sort of skin reaction. Fill your sink basin with warm water. Apply a bit of dishwashing soap on your hand and swirl your dirty makeup brushes, one by one. Allow them to sit for a minute, allowing the sulfates to release the pigments from the brushes. After a minute or two, rinse the makeup brushes with warm water. For brushes that work with highly pigmented product, like eyeshadows, a second application of dishwashing soap may be needed. Use a clean paper towel to gently remove excess moisture. Allow the makeup brushes to air dry. 


Ashley Souza
Ashley Souza


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