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Choosing the Right Lash for Your Eye Shape

Ashley Yamamoto

Posted on November 15 2018

choosing the best lashes for your eye shape lotus lashes

False lashes have the potential to make your eyes pop and create a stunning, dramatic look. But, how do you know you have the right lash for your eye shape? There are several different kinds of false mink lashes available on the market today. Customers can choose from a variety of volumes, lengths, shapes, and embellishments. So, let's get into it! How to choose the best lash for your eye shape.

First, determine your eye shape. Each person's eye shape is unique to them, so naturally the options out there may not describe your eye shape exactly, but we can get pretty close. According to Zoe Dubs at Elle there are generally eight different eye shapesincluding almond, deep set, hooded, round, mono-lidded, close set, upturned, and protruding. Each different shape will have a corresponding lash that can accentuate your eye best.


Almond shaped eyes are characterized by a slightly pointed end towards the outside of the eye and a wider center that causes the iris to be partially hidden by the upper and lower lids. The almond eye shape is the oval face shape of eyeballs. They are an incredibly versatile shape which means just about any lash will work with them. However, choosing a high volume lash can add that little bit of extra drama and really draw attention to your eyes.

Deep Set

Deep set eyes tend to be larger and are situated beneath the brow bone. Accentuating your eyes is easy! Simply choose a longer lash length that curls up and out away from the brow bone since those with deep set eyes tend to get mascara on their brow bone.


Hooded eyes have an extra layer of skin that hangs over the eyelid which makes it appear smaller. The ideal lash for this shape should be long and have more length towards the center of the eye. Be careful when choosing lashes for this eye shape as the wrong set could pull the eyelid down instead of accentuating your eyes.


Round eyes typically show most of the iris in the eye and are, well, round. A light, curly lash is the way to go for this eye shape. Try to avoid heavier styles because they can weigh down your eyes and make them appear smaller.


Cinya Burton from Beautylish explains that Mono-lidded eyes are flat on the surface and are often lacking in a crease or may not have one at all. For this eye shape choosing a multilayered and top heavy style of lash to open up the eyes. Think fluttery and you're on the right track.

Close Set

Close set eyes measure at less than one eyeball width apart. The best lash style for this eye shape should flare outwards leaving the inner corners free to pull focus to the outer corners of the eyes.


Upturned eyes are upturned at the outer corners, which also means they can rock a mean cat eye. A flared half lash is usually enough to create drama and draw attention to the eye.


Protruding eyes are set deeper into the skull and are best showcased with a feathery false lash to bring out the eyes since they are set further into the face than other eye shapes.

Now that you have the know how, go out and pick up a pair false eyelashes that best highlight your unique and beautiful eye shape!

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