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Top Evening Makeup Trends

Ashley Yamamoto

Posted on June 21 2019

top evening makeup trends lotus lashes

When attending a special event such as a gala or cocktail party; it is all about the glitz, glamour, and of course the champagne. Finding the perfect outfit to wear is daunting enough, but your makeup shouldn't have to be! From vintage glam to beautifully bronzed jewel tones, there is something for everyone when choosing the right color palettes for your face.

Depending on what style of dress or pantsuit you are wearing; your makeup should always enhance and NEVER distract. The following looks will inspire you to be both daring and strikingly beautiful.

1) Beautifully Bronzed

Having bronzed skin is not just for the summer anymore. In fact, warm jewel toned palettes will significantly enhance your complexion at any formal event. What you need in order to successfully sparkle with this look is a warm eyeshadow palette such as MAC's Diva Feva Summer Collection by Patrick Starr. This collection was designed for ALLskin tones and it will provide you with that sun kissed glow that will heat up any event on the coldest of days. To further enhance your bronzed look always finish with an illuminator/highlighter and a touch of glitter to the eyelids. (NOTE: It is highly recommended that you opt for a glossy lip vs. a matte when applying this look. It will add more warmth to the face than a matte lip)


2) Vintage Glam

A signature look of both intensity and youth, this concept is another that is suitable for all women. This concept simply consists of the following:

 A red matter lip color such as Matte Shake Liquid Lipstick in Chili Manjaro by Lancome

• Blush or Rouge for the cheeks

• Eyeliner for a more dramatic effect

• A pair of thick lush lashes

When you think about Vintage glamour, think of Old Hollywood. Red was and still is the trademark color of romance, seduction, and youth. This timeless technique will turn heads at any formal event now and for many years to come.


3) Tactical Glitter

When applying glitter to the eyes, we have all made the mistake of applying too much. Glitter when applied correctly can provide a chic and sultry look to your eyes. If you are new to trying this trend, it is best to start by using your finger or eyeliner such as Urban Decay's Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner. Applying glitter to the eyelids with your finger or eyeliner will allow you to properly gauge the right amount to the eyes.


Choosing the Right Eyelashes 

Whether it is day or night, natural or dramatic; the right set of lashes will provide the perfect finish to any makeup concept you wish to achieve. Lotus Lashes can help you find the right set of lashes that enhance your eyes as well as your face. Their lashes are cruelty free and reusable up to 25 times with the proper care; not to mention they are stunningly gorgeous and extremely comfortable! To find the right set of lashes for your eyes visit Lotus Lashes, you will be glad you did.

Photo credit Ulta.com

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