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Which Lashes Work Best for Your Eye Shape?

Ashley Yamamoto

Posted on July 07 2019

which false eyelashes work best for your eye shape lotus lashes

Your make-up look is never complete without a pair of luscious lashes. But will that particular set of lashes draw the right attention to your eyes or overpower them? There are so many great choices when it comes to false lashes, it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect ones! Which lashes are right for you depends partly on your style, but also can be influenced by the shape of your eye. Here are some tips for choosing the right falsies for your eye shape.

Round Eyes

If you can see a lot of white in your eyes without widening them a ton, you might have round eyes! Having round eyes is great because they already look open and bright, but you want to make sure you give them some color and definition to draw proper attention to these beauties. Look for lashes that are curly with length at the corners to provide definition, and go with a lighter shade in order to keep your eyes from looking smaller. Lotus Lashes No. 75 Medium Volume is a great choice for ladies with round eyes. 

Almond Eyes

Almond-shaped eyes are symmetrical with upturned outer corners, and the great news is that all lashes will probably look good on you! Choose whatever lashes you prefer based on your personal style. Also, try looking for lashes that are evenly distributed to accentuate the gorgeous shape you've got. For a natural look, try Lotus Lashes No. 114 Light Volume, or go for bold and daring with Lotus Lashes No. 510 High Volume!

Close-set Eyes

If you have eyes that are very close together, you might worry that eye make-up makes them look small, but that shouldn't be the case! There are plenty of ways to use false lashes and make-up to accentuate your eyes without closing them off. Try more length at the corners for balance and avoid putting too much color on the inside of your eyes. You can accomplish this with a style such as Lotus Lashes No. 501 Light, which is very light in the center but darker and longer on the outside. 

Hooded Eyes

Eyes that are set beneath a strong brow bone are referred to as hooded eyes. Ladies with this eye shape also want to make sure they choose lashes that open up and brighten their eyes, but in a different way. Look for sets that are lighter and longer, especially in the center, in order to draw them upward, such as with Lotus Lashes No. 1 Light

Deep-set Eyes

Deep set eyes are great because you can wear dark, dramatic eyelashes without overpowering your natural beauty! Look for lashes that are longer, have more volume, and curve away from your eyes (but not towards your brow bone). Try some styles such as Lotus Lashes No. 501 High Volume or check out No. FX2 High Volume for a dramatic, nighttime look.  

With these tips in mind, be sure to check out our website for a variety of different styles, lengths, and volumes! Remember, the bottom line is to always stay true to yourself and your style! Only you can really determine what looks best on you and feels most comfortable.


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